The site is to collect all sorts of info and scripts i come along.
I’m currently a member of the Trash-Guides team and Notifiarr team.
The information and scripts are mostly collected in the Discord Server, which is the best place to get support.
Please create a support thread with all the needed infos, this site is just a collection, finding it here doesn’t mean i can help you, or that i run the scripts etc myself.
Some of the scripts you’ll find i wrote for myself, as i like to play around with Proxmox, OpnSense and Pihole for example. Other scripts are written by the great people from the community mentioned.


Static HTML and CSS website powered by Hugo and a hardened theme called hugo-WonderMod. WonderMod is designed with strong CSP headers in mind. It features removal of inline JavaScript and using pure CSS. WonderMod is a fork of an original theme called PaperMod. Big thanks to my friend soup, it’s still the best theme i came across.

Source code

Repository is hosted on GitHub